Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pictures as Promised

Here's Thomas, the Mighty 6'4" General Of the Dwarf army.

These are some awesome sculpts. Gotta get me some of these.

Oops,, too much coffee, methinks.

Infamous swordsmen of the Blue Griffon Company!

These will be employed in my Italian Wars games someday...

The two sides begin to close.

The action heats up as the Dwarfs charge the Handgun detachment(obscured from view by the trees).

Here it is. Smart move that; charging my detachment.

Swordsmen and and Captain preparing to counter the Miner's threat.


Handgun detachment wiped out, but the Dwarfs have crossed unsupported into my deployment zone.

Moving to the left flank we see the action start to get poppin'!

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