Thursday, January 21, 2016

So as most gamers, I always have a bunch of projects in various states of planning and progress.  Late in 2014 I commited myself to doing one or two agree projects and getting various odds and ends of other projects done. To that end, the majority of my Gnome War allies infantry are finished, and three more German infantry need to get painted.ive also almost completed my 30K Iron Hands army, as well. A handful of infantry, then the trimmings on vehicles and that army is done. I collected and painted seven or eight 15mm armies for Mighty Armies, and gave a few more in the pipeline.
Well, a longtime project of mine was generic Sci-fi games using FUBAR for conventions. I had decided to go all plastic as a couple of bad experiences with players mishandling my metal minis and chipping the paint or actually causing breakage was starting to turn me off of running games.
Anyways, I have been planning to  reconfigure and repaint a bunch of old 40K vehicles for use in these games. The following pics show what I've done. Nothing major, just a couple of minor mids and a simple paint job.

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